I’m 28 and Going to Summer Camp

WeWork-Summer-Camp-2013I swear this isn’t a call for help. I’m not trying to relive my childhood. I’m actually going to the WeWork Summer Camp at the Raquette Lake Camp located in the center of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. Sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it?

I’ve never been anywhere near the Adirondack Mountains but the images that popped up on Google and Flickr look amazing! I’m as excited about getting to camp as I am getting a change to take pictures of the 6.1 million acres of stunning scenery!

I’m even tempted to rent some video equipment but I’ll just have to deal with whatever I can get from my iPhone 4S. At this point you’d think I’d either have the Nikon D800 or some other camera capable of recording HD video. I need to start seriously raising money for a new camera huh?

I’ll be flying into New York City August 14th and heading to Camp the next morning. I cannot wait to experience this amazing event with hundreds of other WeWorkers. An extended weekend in the mountains of New York with hundreds of strangers is something I could really use right now.

haven’t put myself into an adventure like this in long time; going somewhere I’ve never been, and basically with total strangers. In fact the only people I’ll know are a handful of WeWork employees and I’m pretty sure they’ll be busy making this all go smoothly.

Incase you were wondering what makes WeWork different from the rest of the co-working spaces out there, this is a perfect example. Tickets to Summer Camp are $350 and while that might be a lot of money to go “camping,” consider the following. I will be spending four days in an all inclusive camp having the sort of once-in-a-lifetime experiences we all hope to have. I will be enjoying live concerts by artists like Ra Ra Riot, The White Panda, Sound Remedy, Great Caesar, Jukebox the Ghost, Savoir Adore, Ponyhof, DJ Neza and DJ Vitamin Devo.

Beyond the awesome live music there are talks from Jonathan Basker, General Manager of Done Not Done; Michael Parrish Dudell founder of marketing firm, Race + Vine; Erik Martin, Reddit’s General Manager, “startup junkie” Jeremy Johnson of 2u and others. I’m not sure what these and other speakers are planning to discuss but I’m looking forward to their talks.

Here’s the rest of the spiel from WeWork…

What is WeWork Summer Camp?

Each summer, hundreds of WeWork members from across the country make the trip to Raquette Lake Summer Camp in the Adirondack Mountains to take part in a life changing event. In addition to an endless list of outdoor activities like rock climbing, water skiing, and canoeing, members connect with each other through networking games and learn from speakers & educational workshops. The real fun starts when the sun goes down and the camp transforms into a music festival featuring some of the hottest bands and DJs.

Raquette Lake Camp

Open since 1916, Raquette Lake Camp is located in the center of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. This beautiful, secluded location provides the perfect setting for WeWork members to relax, cut loose, and be inspired. Set on Raquette Lake, the camp provides access to a long list of activities and amenities like basketball and tennis courts, canoeing, beaches and swimming, and much more.

I’m riddled with anticipation to get there. Considering all of the events, speakers, music, housing, food and activities, this is a steal at $350. For those of us on the West Coast, we were given a $200 discount to help cover airfare! WeWork isn’t hosting a summer camp to make money, they’re doing it to make us all more successful at what we do. When other organizations do things like this they cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars more. Going on just a few days later is Social Fresh which clocks in at $1,300 and that doesn’t include any transportation, food, housing or drinks. Can you think of a single other co-working organization that does so much for their customers/community? It’s one of the many reasons I’m glad I joined WeWork.

As a bonus I’m spending some time in New York City. I arrive into John F. Kennedy around 4:00 PM on the 14th and am staying in Manhattan. I’m hoping to have an opportunity to get together with friends that night, we’ll see how it goes. Then on the morning of the 15th I head to Summer Camp. I’ll be back in New York City the evening of the 18th and all day the 19th before flying to Austin on the 20th. Once again my free time in New York City is going to be really slim but let’s figure out a way to hang out.

9 thoughts on “I’m 28 and Going to Summer Camp

  1. Sounds amazing my friend, but one slight correction, New York is not part of New England. Trust me. 🙂 Have fun!

  2. I find it interesting that we both graduated from college the same year (Stanford ’09) but you’re older than I am. I enjoy reading your blog. (Keep up the good work!)

  3. justex07 Oh, this sucks! I am leaving tomorrow morning for Chicago. Then leaving for burning man on the 25th. #CruelFates

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