I’m Becoming a Bad Blogger I Fear

I am getting scared… I am not posting as I normally post.

Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things. Meanwhile.

Fabulous live music at Aroma’s the other night. The sax player did a killer job, just really had the audience going.

We had a pretty sunset that night, oddly colored right towards the end. I am still not used to sunsets out of Texas. We have the most colorful sunsets out there.

I had my drug test done today. Oh boy, what a trip. More on that later I promise.

I was just wondering why it says “Warning High Cube”. No part of this vehicle is a cube, not even a square. What are they talking about?

We had an earthquake out here (just off the coast), plus the threat of a tsunami! Too bad it did’nt happen haha, I could have gone for a few shots of the tsunami haha.

Lots of interesting stories to tell. Plus I really need to write about my topics on the sidebar.

Ok, sleep now. I have yoga in the morning.

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