I’m Coming Home

I am making the drive to Tulsa today to see my mom. I miss her and she misses people, since Dad moved to Houston for work and to find us a new house, she has been kinda lonely. I’m glad I live close enough to go down there and see her, too bad Dad isn’t home too. We always have such a great time together.

I’m leaving you guys with the last pictures Flickr has allowed me to upload. For some reason, Flickr doesn’t like me so much since getting my Nikon D80. I guess it has something to do with the face that I take some 300 pictures a day when I go out and at least ATTEMPT to upload them all. I got about 2gb’s up and then Flickr got all weird on me. I pay for the Pro account so this really shouldn’t happen.

And a song while you look at these random pictures I took with my new camera.










2 thoughts on “I’m Coming Home

  1. You should consider Photography. You have a good eye for things. Not saying you took all these pictures, but you still know what is “pretty” and good photography.

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