I’m Loving It

So California is just rock’n right now. We went to California Fat’s for dinner. Our friend Lina Fat owns several restaurants around town and we always go to one of them when we are here. It was really good, but way too much food. I ended up eating like a 1/4 of my sandwich on the plane, it was SO much food! The guys around me were quite jealous haha.

I am at our hotel, wireless internet, w00t w00t. I am about to go to bed, really tired, but wanted to give a post and maybe put some pictures up and the Janet Jackson song.

Janet Jackson – All For You – Trust a Try

One thought on “I’m Loving It

  1. Ok so I guess I will comment about ALL the posts you made in span of like 8 hours in one comment block. First of all, did you get our voice message we made you on Patrick’s aka your phone? Second, is it ok that I sleep in your bed? Third, the complete rambling of the posts for today was amazing!!! and last I miss you already!!! but I am glad that you made it safely and are have a great time in California. Talk to you tomorrow….I only have class at 11 and 2 our time so you can call me when you have some time or I could call you or something. You know I have to have my daily dose of “Justin-talk-time” (look at me going crazy with the hyphens as well) haha I need to get some sleep….*kisses out the wa-zoo!!!”

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