I’m So Excited! Official Trailer

I discovered this movie trailer this morning while scrolling through YouTube videos. It’s a foreign film that apparently stars Penélope Cruz and Antonio Banderas so my hopes are high. However, I could not get beyond the idea that this is what Skylor really does at cruising altitude (see main character, the one in the middle of the frame).

Acclaimed, world-renowned Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar has been working on his next film titled Los amantes pasajeros, or re-titled to I’m So Excited! in English. Sony Pictures Classics, who already has the rights to release this sometime next year, has unveiled an early teaser trailer mostly showing three drunk male flight attendants singing and dancing to “I’m So Excited” by the Pointer Sisters. I’m really not sure what this is or what it’s about beyond that, but it’s supposedly set entirely on an airplane, which is a fun twist for Pedro Almodóvar.

Oh but seriously, who doesn’t want to see this movie? It looks pretty fabulous to me!

10 thoughts on “I’m So Excited! Official Trailer

  1. I can see the Almodóvar trailer briefly and then it jumps to one for Red Band :/
    I LOVE Almodóvar and he has always worked with Banderas and Cruz. You must watch Women On the Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown one day. It stars a very young Antonio Banderas. There’s also Bad Education with Gael García, All About My Mother is fantastic, and so are many of his other movies.

  2. motoridersd weird, not sure why it is doing that, works for me!
    I have actually never seen any of his films but the ones you mention sound so very familiar to me! Sounds like I need to load up my Netflix queue 😀

  3. @justex07 you must find and watch Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown. It’s one of his early masterpieces. Truly amazing.

  4. justex07 I don’t know if Netflix would have them, but I have Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown that I can send you. Unfortunately it doesn’t have subtitles haha

  5. @bsandusky that’s what I’m coming to find out! Sounds like the Woody Allen of Spanish-speaking films…

  6. Oh just so you know, this is the wrong video for your article. It’s a trailer for Top Gun in 3D.

  7. foureyedcub Yeah, not sure how it happened but the video embed I used now changes by the day/week depending on the channel’s updates. Weird. Noticed the other day but just been too busy to fix, maybe tomorrow.

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