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The restrooms here are no different, all covered in graffiti. This one was bizzar…

What will they fight over next haha. At work one of the stalls has a conversation about how gangs are stupid, etc etc. People are weird I guess, who would need to write that?

I am going to try and do a few macro shots of everday life items, macro is my favorite shooting style. I think it could make for an interesting collection.

In other news, I finally got to talk to Seth. He has been ignoring phone calls, primarily mine apparently, for about a week or so. I asked him why and he told me that he was depressed. I asked why, he told me “Just because. It’s nothing, I don’t want to talk about it.”

I never like my friends or more to be depressed and I do nothing, so I ask him again. “Is it ‘nothing’ or is it ‘nothing I should worry about’?”

“It is nothing, like not anything just I get this way sometimes.”

Ok, that I can handle, who does’nt go through phases of “ugh” and “argh”?

I tell him, “Well, if you ever need me, just let me know, I am here for you anytime.”

He retorts, “Don’t ever say that to me! I don’t want to hear that.”

blah blah blah, we talk some more, things start to smooth out…

“Ok, yeah, I’m done so I am going to go, bye.” (click)

Well that’s a nice howdya-do and goodbye to you… Seriously, tact, pose, something. Learn your manners!

I don’t really know where that leaves us but whatever. I guess it’s over? I don’t even know.

In other telephone related news, I had the most wonderful conversation with Geoff. We talked about our relationship, why it went sour, why it should never have happened and how we both are freaking fabulous guys haha. Seriously though, it was one of our best conversations… to date. I started to tear up I was so exhausted, pouring out the emotion so quickly, so honestly, it was great. I love that guy! He is by far the best, best friend turned boyfriend turned best friend I have ever had! hehe. Smooches to you and Mark, and I am waiting for the reservation confirmation to Sophia’s, I expect a formal invitation in the mail soon… 😉 😉

I am breaking up the monster post into a few different ones, otherwise, well let’s be honest, no one would read it. Let’s be even more honest, no one reads it anyways! Seriously though, again, I got Italy, the real one. Plus I got Quebec and Montana! Whoop whoop! If I were running for President, I would win, even though I don’t have Ohio! haha (or do I?)

I guess this signals the end of this post

Class starts soon and I gotta edit the other post categories, no music in it and no rant. Music will hopefully be in the next one.

Ciao my loves


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  1. Just letting you know….i read your posts…all of them. And congrats for talking to Geoff and such! Glad that is all resolved now..about time! lol love ya!

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