In Jim’s Room

I am in Jim’s room. He invited me over to get some ungodly lunch at Rollin’s but instead he has me organizing ungodly papers together for him. That rat bastard, his actions are ungodly!



We are watching some ungodly crAzY movie about some CrAZy news show… It is ungodly intresting.

Anywho. I wonder if he will come through and actually bring me out to lunch paid for by our parents… That sounds ungodly similar to what I would say if he were my brother, “our parents”.

Show is called the Howard Beal Show…???

His room smells funny, I think the ungodly aroma from the hallway is finally making its way into his room. Sad…

Well, I figure that this post is ungodly enough to make even YOU peel away from the 60hz flicker of your CRT screens, the .23 dot pt inch pixels of your LCDs…

Catch you later.


There is a mole. Someone that is my friend has been telling Geoff everything about me… like where I am, what I am doing, what I will be doing, what I have done, maybe even my journal address. That is completely crappy. Thanks, “friend”.

One thought on “In Jim’s Room

  1. wow I have never seen so many “ungodly” words in a single document in my entire life.

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