In the STL Airport

I am sitting in St. Louis’s Lambert Airport. It is pretty calm here, my flight looks like it is going to be pretty close to full.

This morning, Jenny, Dave and Jim joined me for breakfast at Panera. It was nice of them to do that, really nice. It makes one feel like people really care when… well when people really care I guess.

There is no internet here at the airport, so there is no telling when this will actually get put online.

Geoff has an interesting post up right now, he apparently cried yesterday while listening to a Ryan Cabrera song. The song was entitled “True”.

He wrote, after posting the lyrics, the following:

Who would have thought driving in the car after all that has been going on and all that has been on my mind these past few days, that this one song could bring me to tears. Very few of you know the significance of this song. Oh well. Much love. Je t’aime.

What do you think this all means? I am not going to assume it was to me, probably meant to be to Daniel. I gave Geoff that CD… I would like to think it was a post to me but I don’t think he has a loving bone in his body left for me. Sad, really sad.

I am listening to the song right now as I update my iPod shuffle with 38 Mariah Carey songs. I am in a Mariah mood right now and since I will have like eight hours before I am in Sacramento (I think…), some music will be nice. I really hope there is a wireless internet connection in Phoenix so I can post.

I am going to call Joseph and see how close he is to Phoenix and if he wants to hook up today. I have almost a three hour layover there. That would rock my world.

I am out, love you all.

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