Chickens, Monkeys, Gorillas and Hail Oh My!

I slept through my doctor appointment which sucks. Oh well. Psychologist.

Dave spent the night. Last night we all (Dave, Ryan, Jim and I) watched Grand Ecole. It was really good haha. I liked it a lot.

So drop Dave off at UPlace. He is complaining about the weather. I say how I really want a heavy rain, we part but plan to do ice cream later.

I get home and hang with Meghan, Ashley, Trent. Then outside our parking lot we see the following…

That is the action shot haha. Here is a close up.

What the hell right? Chicken, Gorilla and Monkey. Plus Ferdous Al-Faruque (who I can’t stand).

Just a few minutes later we get hit with a heavy downpour with hail! It was exciting.

We sign out lease at 4:30, gotta shower and all that jazz. Catch you later!

2 thoughts on “Chickens, Monkeys, Gorillas and Hail Oh My!

  1. sleep and kicking me in the head have got to be better for you psychologically than any doctor appointment, surely.

  2. I did enjoy the sleeping with you and I will have you know that my entire left leg is killing me today from trying to position myself so I did not kick you in the head! LoL

    But yes, I do think you do more for me than she ever could. Thanks.

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