iPhone 2.0.1 on 1G iPhone

Tried to update my first generation iPhone to the new firmware 2.0.1. Didn’t work out so well…

Anyone know what an error (-19) is? Frustrating indeed.

Seems to be that restoring the iPhone to 2.0 and then doing the 2.0.1 update works.  A step you should not have to take but a solution none-the-less.  Now to make this one a pay-as-you-go phone…  Should I pwnage jailbreak it and put it on t-mobile?  Do they have better no-contract plans?

Can’t seem to get it to jailbreak.  Ideas?  I was using PwnageTool 2.0.2, said it failed.  I guess I need to know where the iPhone 2.0.1 firmware is on my computer and I need the bootloader files… which I don’t have and can’t find.  Hmmm, is T-Mobile’s network even worth the work or should I just GoPhone it?

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  1. I totally love T-Mobile. I’ve had every carrier too.  I’ve been with T-Mobile  about 4 years now. They have never screwed me over .  With my new Dash smart phone, I  am loving this network even more.  I’m on a plan but  it’s not as expensive as other carriers were for me. I mean, we’ve got 3 phones on this plan, plus unlimited texting for all phones, and full internet for the Dash for about $120 a month. When Rott comes home, adding a 4th phone to the plan is only $10/mo. We get a pretty big bang (and the best customer service out there) for our buck.

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