It was so Worth It

So I stayed up till 4:00 am for landon and it was so worth it. I just new he would come online. I was standing in Wal-Mart, debating on which brand of this to get and which model of that thinking of how Landon has always been such a solid voice in my mind. Such a powerful force, and one to be reconded with I am sure, if ever the situation of passion became itself. I decided then that I would not sleep till I had direct communication and I knew it would happen today. Yay for being right haha.

That picture reminds me of when things we so simple. We have all grown up a bit, some of us lost weight (thank god). Remember those days? Wow! I would give my right kidney to go back to that day.

Anyways, so glad Landon and I got to chat on AIM. Can’t wait for tomorrow, coffee date perhaps! w00t

I am going to sleep to Toni Braxton, how royal is that!!!

2 thoughts on “It was so Worth It

  1. haha yeah cause those are like the three fattest guys i’ve ever seen. sorry, someone had to say it and it had to be me. 🙂

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