It’s Been A While

Sorry I never post.  I’ve just been so busy with school, work, work and life.

Things are wonderful though.  School sucks but the hospital job is fantastic.  Starbucks is ok… Hmmm.  I am scheduled to work on a day off, the day of a meeting at the Hospital and of the Elton John concert that I waited in line for hours to be the third person to get tickets.   That’s bullshit if I’ve ever smelt it… which I haven’t but still.

Ummm… Ryan is amazing.

Ummm… the new FX show Damages is the best thing on TV right now.  Promise.  Followed by Saving Grace, Kyle XY, Greek, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Eureka and Mad Men.  No… I never watch TV…

Speaking of which.  Since NBC left iTunes Music Store I had to get DishNetwork.  I’ve been trying to get it installed for week but I keep having to cancel, put it off, due to work schedules.  Boo to having to pay $65/month just cause NBC dropped out but Yay! to getting full HD on my tv.

Back to work!

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