It’s Grill Time

I got a new grill Saturday care of mom. Yay! I really needed one seeing as my kitchen is far from being finished.

I put the grill together yesterday while talking to Jenny on the phone. Took about fourty minutes (distractions…) and I have five peices left over (what the…) but it works! I grilled on it last night even!

I also had the most delicious, blood-red plum.

So scrumptious.

Then did my homework, one problem had me totally stumped, turned out it was just a glitch in the program, whew! Talked to Mike on the phone for about two hours… two, hours. Holy crap. We originally were going to go out but by the time I got off the phone, I was in bed haha.

Good thing though, I woke up without my alarm and actually feel refreshed. I can’t wait until I don’t have to close every night… not sure when that will be but eventually I won’t be able to and I will finally be getting some sleep.

Well, gotta get ready for school, I have a pre-recital singing debut today haha. Wish me luck. Plus statistics, oh yick, I hate that class already.

Oh, I got rid of the truck yesterday for a fuel efficient car. I miss the truck. It was way nicer, i really enjoyed driving the big, powerful truck. Now I have a hondai pos… damn. Oh well, the truck cost $73 to fill up with gas and this will cost like $35 and get twice the mileage.

And in case you were wondering, I am not a huge fan of Nelly. Just in case 😉

3 thoughts on “It’s Grill Time

  1. I had the same exact grill. The ignition switch never worked… Hopefully yours will work better.

  2. Cool finally a good day! Ummm I can just picture how much you enjoy “driving” a “big and powerful” …. truck did you say


  3. oh jeff, you kidder… haha

    yeah kevin, it totally does’nt ignite at all. they never do, cept those with the powered starter where it keeps shooting out sparks and all. thank goodness for matches and like.

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