Wreck of the Day, or, Onomatopoeia – Screech;Bam

Yesterday started off well enough… Well, honestly, it was’nt so good.

All of my classes, less two, were cancelled. I somehow have to find hours so I can keep my health insurance.

But, I did get to talk to Landon for a good while in the morning. Then off to school where, upon arrival to College Avenue, I got in a car accident. Two other times today cars have wrecked doing the very same thing I did, exiting 101 Southbound to College Avenue. At least I am not alone in this eh?

I sent three txt messages to the three people I always send these type text messages to. Jenny, Geoff and Landon. I got txt msgs and phone calls from each Jenny and Landon. ______________ from Geoff…

Everything happened so quickly. Car accident, police, getting my car towed (about two blocks to the body shop), getting a rental car (another two blocks in the opposite direction), going to Seths…

I called Seth right after the accident, my body trembling so badly that I could not read the screen of the phone. He showed little interest… Even less when I went to his house on the way to the hospital. I foolishly thought I would get a caring hug or words of inspiration or otherwise… Actually I got the perverbial “cold shoulder” as Seth completely ignored me. Loren was on the bed behind Seth (as he got ready for work). As I sat next to her she asked me how I was doing, I told her “not so good, car accident and…” Seth never said anything. He did not even turn around to look at me. I sat alone on his bed for a few more minutes, Loren rose from the bed to get ready for work herself. Upset at the quality of person Seth showed, I left.

Not a single phone call from Seth, as of this posting, since I called him and told him I was in an accident. What kind of friend is that? You call, it is something you just do. It is just another example of how Seth seems to be far too self involved to realize what other people need. I am furious…

After all of that, I went to Mike’s. We sat, talked, the usual. I tagged along as he ran some errands, he made my day so much better.

When I got home I talked to my mom. I am not longer going to Columbia this weekend, she will be coming here instead (today actually).

Landon called me later on into the night, just as I was heading off to bed (around 8:00). Talking to him, I had my first breakdown since I moved to California. I realized what Landon brought to the table, responsibility, friendship, generosity, intelligence, a mean Disarono and Fresca… but mostly, the complete definition of enduring, unconditional, true; love. Love like I could never expect from someone who was not my mother, or my father, or some other close, blood relative.

Landon is a treasure, sought out by nearly everyone and found only by those lucky few. He does not realize how great he is, part of the allure and honesty he lives by.

We talked forever, like old times. I cried for a solid fourty-plus minutes and he pulled trick after trick out of his pocket, his ability to lift my spirits has never changed. When I am sad, Landon can bring me up.

It was while talking to him I realized some painful traits that I practice. We worked on ways to get beyond these painful (literally) aspects of my being.

He gave me a song to listen to… three actually.

here is one

Daniel Powter – Bad Day

He spoke some of the lyrics to me over the phone “Sing a sad song just to turn it around”. Inspiring.

Then I put up a song of my own…

Gregory Douglass – Better Tomorrow

Now I must leave. Time for work and school.

Thanks for everything, everyone who cares.

4 thoughts on “Wreck of the Day, or, Onomatopoeia – Screech;Bam

  1. Good to see you’re okay!

    “One can survive everything, nowadays, except death, and live down everything except a good reputation.”
    -Oscar Wilde

  2. Justin glad that you are ok! Bummer about your car and all. It know it is tough to keep on going but it sounds like you have some great freinds out there (and some not so great ones WTF) to help you out. If you ever need any support you can hit me up too.


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