It’s Me, a Self Portrait

You don’t see too much of me on this blog. Lots of other people. I just don’t like pictures of myself, somewhat a trend with photographers haha.

But @xisak07 wanted me to post a picture of my new haircut, c/o @bigred77 so here goes.

So there you go. Taken with my new Nikon D700 (which I’m still paying off so buy a print please!) and the new Nikon 24mm f2.8 lens.

I sure do love that I can take a picture at ISO 800 with ZERO noise. Seriously, this is an ISO 800 picture, check the EXIF, and there is zero zip zilch noise.  To those non-photography nerds, I’m sorry, but I just can’t get over the quality of this camera.

And there you go. New camera, new haircut and remarkably clean apartment.  I love my apartment… What a weird mood I’m in.  Guess that means it’s time for bed!

I find myself staying up every night to 12am for one reason only.  To see the latest Woot! special.  Even though I don’t have any money to buy anything… darn.  Though I would love to get another Roomba!

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11 thoughts on “It’s Me, a Self Portrait

  1. your pictures of the artisan made me so homesick for como.


    i’m thinking about bringing back the brenden and ian video blogs.

  2. Nice new doo!

    BTW- One of Nicole’s friends who dabbles in photography was over at the apartment the other day. He was showing her some pictures he did with the same process you do, taking three pictures are three different exposures and merging them in photoshop. Yours are *WAY* better! I was like, “My friend is better than yours! HAHA!” Very grade school I know, but more to the point… It’s true! 😀

    Kevins last blog post…Blingee!

  3. Oh you SOOO have to bring that back. We can even get you guys a blog on here. You two could be competition for the VGA Gay Boys!

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