It’s My Birthday, Now What?

My Birthday CakeToday I turned 25 and am now officially a 20-something.  Yikes.  Pretty soon I’ll be approaching the 30-something genre of life.  Which I’m pretty sure means, complaining about work, looking at which stroller to buy and determining the weather cycles through joint pain.

So many wonderful things to look forward to.

Meanwhile, here in Houston, we celebrated my birthday for 48 hours, though I am going to push for another 24 for an even 72, thoughts?  Last night was the pre-birthday party.

Dad made his famous shrimp linguine, it’s freaking delish, this time around he changed up his technique adding a white wine reduction to the mix.  After dinner was the cake, a Hummingbird cake, sans nuts (I’m allergic to nuts and yes, I am aware at how ironic that is thankyouverymuch.)

The cake was created by our favorite cake shop here in Texas, Take the Cake, you really should check them out. Annabel Trudeau makes the most amazing cakes.

Today, my actual birthday I got to hang out with mom and dad, went through some of my old keepsakes which was hilarious and fun… Gotta post some of those pictures.  Then sushi for dinner, my favorite.

Once again, my birthday passes without Ryan! It’s crazy to think that I have not been with Ryan for my birthday, ever.  I’ve been in California or he’s in Tennessee or I’m in Texas… next birthday, it sure better happen!

So I’m 25, now what?  I can rent a car.

That’s about it.

Yawn, to be 17 again…

2 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday, Now What?

  1. Hey. don’t knock the ability to rent a car. I’d imagine it would be quite handy when traveling to places that (gasp!) don’t have mass transit or don’t come with a car furnished by the reason you’re going there (like a business trip or something).

    I’ve felt like a 20-something for a couple years now. (Though I’ve also had lots of 30-something moments, too.) While I’m not actively picking out strollers, I do occasionally have the urge to have kids of my own when I see adorable toddlers and such on TV or out in the world. Someone should really tell my bio-clock that it’s a few years too early to start ticking away…

    Happy birthday… again (and after the fact).

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