It’s Over

So like all the great things in my life, another has left. Geoff does not want to date me anymore. He told me he was no longer in love with me… I could actually feel my heart break. Have you ever had that feeling? Your eyes begin to hurt and your mind races to make a new ending to the previous sentence… It can’t be real, this can’t be happening.

But it did.

And now I am single again, for the first time in eight months. I still love Geoff, I am still in love with Geoff, but I can’t be his backup. I cannot share him as he has asked for this x-mas break. We used to ponder over those couples who lived in an open relationship, how could they possibly function? Certainly they only wanted a guarenteed bed partner.

He also said that he felt that all the passion was gone from our sex life… This might be true. I felt it leave about a month ago, he stopped kissing me and telling me he loved me while we were “making love”. I felt like a peice of meat.

I am so upset about all of this but what am I to do? I just don’t know.

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