iTunes 7.7 – Installed

iTunes 7.7 in Software Update, adds iPhone/iPod Touch App Store

So far I haven’t noticed any differences, however, the changes will most likely show themselves as iPhone 2.0 is released with the iPhone/iPod Touch Applications Store.

Am I missing anything, were there other changes?  And why is MobileMe still down?  Bah humbug.


I found some updates.  Now you can control iTunes through your iPhone and iPod Touch.  This is amazing and wow, am I glad I didn’t pay for the software to do that called Signal.

Control iTunes 7.7 with your iPhone and iPod Touch

Control iTunes 7.7 with your iPhone and iPod Touch

Other changes?  Just a little downloading deal, not exactly sure what it does though, thoughts?

Download as available

Would this be for application updates?

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2 thoughts on “iTunes 7.7 – Installed

  1. Carrie, most of these apps will run on the iPod Touch!  The one I just downloaded did!!!  And you can control iTunes with the Touch!

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