iTunes 7.7.1 Destoys Library

Being the Apple fan boy that I am, when iTunes 7.7.1 came out yesterday, I hopped right on it.  Supposedly it fixed some bugs and stability issues.  I installed it through Software Update, went smoothly, usual, blah blah.

Then it started to sync my iPhone 3G.  It reinstalled every application, even those I had requested to not be installed onto the iPhone.

Then it said there were updates for all 24 applications.  I had them download and then install.

First off, let’s complain that iTunes keeps every version of every application, it never just deletes the old buggy ones.  So you end up with 1, 2, 3, 8+ versions of applications.

Oh and it loses them, or at least iTunes 7.7.1 did.  Do you see a problem here?

One hour later, still installing and then it froze.  I restarted the computer, then started the sync again.

Warning, 11 files could not be synced because they could not be found.

Warning, 100 files could not be synced because they could not be found.

Meanwhile, only 600mb+ songs synced out of the previous, um, 12gb of music.

Did a check…  Apparently some 10-90% of my music was moved to my Time Machine, as far as the library was concered.

10-90% because it would only show up if I tried to play or sync them and the vast majority of my synced songs didn’t sync…  So thinking that might extend throughout the Library… yeah…

Not only iTunes 7.7.1 “move” files from my 1tb MyBook external and into my other 1tb MyBook external which is my Time Machine, and not just to there, to inside of email account archives.  WHAT THE F*CK?!

So guess what I get to do?  I get to reload my entire iTunes Library.  Anyone that knows me probably knows that I have quite the iTunes Library of music, movies, television shows, applications, podcasts, games, audiobooks and then some; we are talking over 700gb of data.

Now I have no stats on my music, no play counts, skip counts, ratings…

Now I cannot sync to AppleTV or to my iPods or iPhones because I can’t do smart playlists.  I cannot say pick the newest 5gb, I can’t say choose the Top 1,000 Played, I can’t say pick the Top 5gb Top Rated…

I had stats on over 35,000 songs and over 1,400 television shows and 80 movies…

So now what?  Now I call Apple, first thing in the morning and bitch bitch bitch.

Never have I hated Apple, but this is really getting me close to that point.

Moreover, I have more stuff to bitch about.  iTunes refuses to Sync my Microsoft Exchange accounts from Mail to my iPhone 3G.  It also doesn’t store my iPhone Apps on the proper drive, they go to my Macintosh HD not my iTunes drive.

So much of this could be prevented by iTunes storing song ratings and play counts within the files just as MediaJukebox did.

It’s official, I’m pissed off.

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3 thoughts on “iTunes 7.7.1 Destoys Library

  1. Dude.  700GB?1,400 television shows? Do you really need to KEEP them all? Do you actually watch all 1,400 television shows on a regular basis? Do you listen to 35,000 songs? Can you actually NAME all the songs in your library? Did you actually purchase those, or did you just grab them from Limewire or somesuch and throw them in the pile to listen to when you got around to it, whether or not you liked them?There’s a point when it ceases to be YOUR collection of music and videos and just becomes *A* collection of music and videos, just for the sake of having it. Or maybe it’s just for bragging rights? I’m with you on the update messing up your stuff, but I seriously wonder why you’d have that much data. You couldn’t possibly have enough time to watch/listen to all of them. You couldn’t have a personal memory of each of those 35,000 songs. I’m willing to bet you have piles of music in there that you’d rate two stars or less. I bet there are shows you’ll never watch again. I just don’t get this mentality of grabbing every media file you can find and throwing it into a digital collection. You’re not the only guy I’ve seen doing this. In most cases, the media is just being hoarded. You’re like one of those people with Beanie Babies: At some point you stop caring about the actual items, and just need MORE to add to the collection. To each his own. I’m not judging you. I’m merely questioning how much use and joy you get out of all that media. It seems pointless to have more than you’ll ever get around to enjoying in your lifetime.

  2. I hate iTunes. I use Rhapsody. I’m going to be very careful what I sync my new smart phone to. I’ve already decided against my work email unless the boss asks me to. I know it’s pretty simple to sync Windows Mobile to Exchange, but I’m not going there unless I have to. Hope you can get everything worked out!

    Winters last blog post..Shake Me

  3. ZC.

    I most certainly do have that much music, or I did before the crash.  Some numbers have dropped but I retained about 95% of my media.

    Why so much?  Well, I don’t pay for cable/satellite and I live in an area where picking up HD over the air is not very feasible.  I got tired of paying for HD-DVR Cable a few years ago and when the AppleTV came out, I was done with it. 

    In a new post I will explain why I have so much and why it makes sense, at least to me.

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