I’ve Got Cold Feet, Literally

My feet are cold and I think I have the beginnings of costochondritis; nevertheless, I shall continue my belated update to my beloved blog before I bestoy my being to bed. Accident, so sorry πŸ˜‰

Let’s go back in time a bit eh?

Hung out with Christopher the other night at his house. Such a fun time was had by all parties involved. So nice to make new friends. We basically spent the entire night listening to music and talking, how rad is that?!

and to be finished when i wake up…

Wow, this is terribly late. Let’s do a quick recap eh?

The parking lot at school, well the main one and the one I used every day, is no longer around. I took this picture thinking, uh yeah, 24/hr a day it will be closed? No shit.

They have machines in there digging out the ground so they can put a parking garage in place of the lot. Who would even try to drive in there? There would be no way you could park, the whole place is a wreck… but just incase you do, here is your warning, you will be towed…

I went toΒ River Rock Casino and Hopland Sho-Ka-Wah Casino. I had a total blast. With my money, I won just under $15 off of a slot machine and five bucks. Later on I turned $50 into a lot more haha, it was of course given back to its rightful owner as the money was just a toy for me to play with. He totally wanted me to keep the profits but gross, how could I? haha, he is such an inspiring person for me.

I guess the next day I got a smoothie at Juice Shack… When I am going to do a big post, I always upload my photo’s first. This photo was uploaded and I guess I had something interesting to say about my trip to Juice Shack. All I can think of were the three lesbians on hormones with beards… what a sight for sore eyes (as they say).

Time for the money maker. I love my house and especially this part of it… My fireplace. It warms the house like no other, so beautiful and relaxing… Fire, how I love thee.

I am going to bed, gotta wake up early tomorrow, maybe do some Bar-B-Que with Mike and finish cleaning up my house for my dad’s arrival.

Love you all


4 thoughts on “I’ve Got Cold Feet, Literally

  1. OMG you so didn’t just but that picture of me on there! Arg…lol our too funny. I had a great time too. Yeah New Friends Rock!!! Your great Justin *hugs*

  2. haha, sneaky sneaky, perhaps i can get a better profile shot later πŸ˜‰

    i woke up late and am dying my hair so this update will be a little later than expected haha. maybe tonight.

    plus i did’nt charge my laptop battery so it has 15 minute to charge from 7% battery remaining. damn.

  3. I just wanted to fit in and say rad… so.. RAD! (I am NOT a dork.) (ok maybe a little bit.) (yes, just a little.) (I actually Suck cock pretty well I’m told, however opinions can vary, being that I’m not as flexible as I wish I could be [unlike some] I don’t exactly know how bad I am at sucking cock.) {ok if you read this and really really don’t get it that’s cause you’re dumb and you’ll have to ask me, and if you really don’t know who this is yet… I have a song I sent to you, and chances are if we turn on the radio we’ll hear hollaback girl} loves ya (haha see I AM TOOOO gay)

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