I’ve Got Ten Minutes…

I’m on a ten minute break at Starbucks this beautiful Wednesday morning.  Working mornings is pretty nice, you stay busy and the time flies by.  I only have three more hours and I’m outta here.  Wow… maybe time doesn’t fly, I feel like I’ve been here forever.  I guess that comes from going to work a few hours early to do prep work for my French oral exam that happens today.

I shouldn’t be so afraid of this thing… but I am.  I’m writing scripts and trying to memorize them so at least I can spill out beautiful French phrases, nevermind if they make sense. haha

Chadd and I went to GNC the other day and picked up some exercise stuff.  I got these pre-workout pills that are supposed to provide long lasting energy so you can get the most outta your workout.  Well, they work.  Too well actually.  I was awake hours and hours later than I wanted.  I just curled myself up in bed and tried all I could to fall asleep for a few hours.  Sleep finally came but all yesterday morning I was antsy.

The pills made me extremely anxious too.  I was a bit over emotional from it all.  Not sad emotion, mostly positive emotion, clingy a bit much and yeah, a good deal nervous.

Now I know to take them earlier in the day, say 3pm instead of 7pm.

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