I’ve got that icky feeling…

Yeah, so woke up this morning feel fabulous, but as the day went on, I started feeling quite worse. Right now my kneck hurts, I am having cold sweats, i have a headache and I am increasingly tired. I just want to get class outta the way and get some sleep!

I also want/need to go to BestBuy or Circuit City and pickup a new wireless router and a print server. It kinda pisses me off that the printer I have now won’t work on for me unless I buy a printer sever adapter… it is a networkable printer but missing the connection. I should probably get one that will do two printers since I have a laser printer and a color printer… I am just not sure how worth it, it would be.

The laser printer has to be networked but the other printer I could just continue to swap between computers, kind of a pain but how often will I really need to print color? How often will I have to print color is a better question.

Right now, just sitting in Rural Sociology, we have two guest speakers which I am enjoying simply because what they are talking about will not be on any quiz or test. So I can basically just ignore them, which is fabulous. I fear that the presentations are about to end, that is so sad!

Let’s review further, my day, thus far.

I wasted time searching for a new wireless router and the crap that goes along with it. I had a great lunch with Geoffrey, I love it when he is happy. I was late because I lost track of time (only about a minute late) but he looked passed that and was happy. I am really glad he did that because I could not handle it if he had gotten upset over being slightly late. I am just not feeling up to smiling, not that I am depressed but I am too tired haha. Thanks Geoffrey for trying, I really appreciated it. I will definitely “pay it forward” which is also a movie we should watch,

I love my new jacket, and I have to wear it right now because I hate the t-shirt I am wearing. It really is not that bad of a shirt, I just need to make it look good on me.

Oh! So got an email back from my new personal trainer. I start this Wednesday. I am hoping that she will put me into shape, I really need guidence to be successful, in just about anything I do. I have the intelligence and ability to do almost anything, I just need a push, a little positive guidence. I never really got that in high school once moving to Houston thus why I did poorly there, compared to Bellville.

I went to Bookmark Cafe to get a Caramel Mochiatto, got one last week with Landon, it was quite good. Standing in line and this cut, stressed out girl, accidently drops her Chai. I felt just awful for her so I helped her clean it up. She was close to tears.

So we cleaned up the mess, she got another Chai (free from Bookmark, good move guys!) and I got my mochiatto. This other girl was freaking out about how long it was taking to get her coffee… she was a total bitch. I wanted to trip her and see the hot coffee burn her mean face… but I did not have to. She tripped and spilled the coffee on the floor I had just helped clean… and her probably quite expensive shoes. Yay! Bitch… haha

Jack Rabbit I am tired! I think I am going to buy Billy Gilman’s CD, one or all of them haha. He has such an amazing voice for such a young boy. Of course he is much older now than when his first CD came out like… almost five years ago!

The presentation is over now it is question time. I can’t believe people actually ask questions over CAFNR… oh wait, yeah I am in a class full of farmers. YICK! haha. Most of them are closed minded but there are a few nifty people around here.

Oh crap, Geoff and I were kissing infront of some construction workers, it was interesting to see their response the the site. They were smiling… not sure if it was the “awe, how cute” or the “awe, let’s fuck them up, those fags”. I like to think it was the first one. However… kinda want it to be the second one because they could’nt do anything about it without losing their jobs haha.

Ok, so I guess I should get into class since the lecture is starting now. Love to all, and especially you.

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