I’ve Got Two Dooses, How About You?

I made a joke, totally on the fly the other day…

What do you get when you cross a duck and a goose in the wild?

Give up?

Two dooses wild!

Get it? LIke, two deuces wild, the poker term when two’s are wild… Oh come on, it’s hilarious!

Taye Diggs can sing like nothing else, too bad his part in Rent was so minuscale. Mark is perfection though, the perfect guy to me. Ok boys, you now know who you need to imitate to get my heart! (He reminds me of Landon so much, but at the same time, he is nothing like Landon, hmmm). La Vie Boheme!

My dad, as you know, came out to California for business. He was doing investor relations (whatever that entrails). San Francisco has an incredible financial foundation. He was put up in the Mandarin Hotel, a four or five star hotel, a really amazing, kick ass place. I took pics, they are on his camera, hopefully I will get them from him soon. We were on the fourty sixth floor with a corner room, which means LOTS of windows.

At one point, while leaning against the glass, I thought to myself… why not just jump? Not for the death that would obviously become of the fall, but to have the feeling of flying free. I lost my fear of heights for a moment, leaned against the glass and imagined flying down to the roof garden sound fourty floors below. How awesome would that be?

Saturday we headed to my house to check it out. The place is in pretty darn good shape, new heater, new walls and ceiling, laundry room… It is really getting “there”. Still needs a lot of work but it is progressing enough that I am moving out of my way too expensive apartment. I am so excited to get out of there. It is just hell!

My roommate is an ok guy, but nineteen years old and, well we are just so different I guess. Plus, I cannot listen to my music because of the neighbors and the chance of eviction. Tonight, the girls and I are going to my place and we are going to watch Rent at full blast and cry our eyes out and maybe have a few drinks. How fun?!

Hmmm, where is Jennifer? We were supposed to work out a bit ago. I tried calling her, no good, text messaged, nothing… I was hoping to do dinner with her before we did our workout. Callie will be heading out to the gym to meet up around 8:30 once she is finished with her “non-date”.

I haven’t talked about work too much recently. I love it. Muah Starbucks! (Can I get a reaction outta Matt? I miss you like Cheney misses kevlar!)


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