I’ve Got Two Piña Coladas, One for Each Hand…

My mother used to love that song by Garth Brooks. It has more meaning for tonight as well.

After The OC gathering, which I cleaned and studied through, Jon came over and hung out with Jenny and I kinda did some work but I was of course distracted.

Around 9:00 Patrick came over and we made our plans for the night. We decided to try something new, not that we were tired of Sunshine. That will never happen hehe. But Piña Coladas sounded nice so we went off to the grocery store for the ingredients which was quite an adventure in its self.

On the way home, Patrick and I decided that tomorrow, errr, today, we would go out and look at wedding rings. We are going to work on an article together where we play a gay couple who is getting married. We are going to head to several jewelry stores and rate their service. I am excited to see how different people act infront of us as we are not the typical couple getting wedding bands.

It reminds me of when Geoff and I got our rings. I thought it symbolized our eternal love for each other. I guess I was wrong. I still have my ring, I would like to think he does but I am afraid to know that he lost it, destroyed it, threw it out, gave it away… whatever. I really could not take knowing that he did anything to his ring.

Anyways, it will be a fun project for sure.

So we made Piña Coladas for ourselves and Jim and Ryan and eventually one for Jenny. They were quite good! A little cold of course so I could not drink mine at a normal pace, I kept getting ice headaches.

So after watching half of Moonstruck and half of West Side Story, we headed out to the diner. As we walked in there I started getting looks from this semi-gorgeous guy, looked straight but he came up and talked to me so I guess perhaps not haha. Then right before we left a real deal gorgeous guy sat in the table across from us with his three girls. He was just so pretty, though not as pretty as Mark hehe.

Anyways, he got my number, I was quite a nervous little boy. We then went to my car, drove around a bit singing Moulin Rouge and just having a wonderful time. Dropped Jim and Ryan off back at my place while Patrick and I went to Joe’s to talk to them and just hang for a bit. I had a nice time over there, they are such wonderful breeders hehe.

Back to my apartment, Patrick and I watched the rest of West Side story, well up till Tony’s death, with the company of Jim and Ryan towards the end. I drove them back to their homes and came back to mine, where I am now typing this post to all those who read. Well all those who read my journal.

I am really loving the independence I now have, but I still miss, more than anything else, being loved by the one I love and being able to hold them as they fall asleep… I miss that greatly.

I should head to bed though, I have class in the morning and homework still left to do. Much love.


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