Wow, onto the new old server at PowWeb.com, 300gb of space and 3000gb of bandwidth. Fabulous. Took a lot of work moving all the files around and actually still working with the domain transferring proper DNS entries from ns1.dreamhost.com to ns1.powweb.com and etc.

But, while waiting for all this to occur, I decided to install Vista on my iMac. It was a painless process using Bootcamp, once I got Kubuntu off.

The first version of Vista I used was Home. I bought Vista Business and it seems to work a good bit better. I actually really love it.

Jeremy gave me shit, told me it was the worst thing I could have possibly done to my computer. Haha, well, not too far off buddy. Just two days into have Vista and look what pops up.

Tracking cookies already! Glad I got Firefox installed on here in a hurry.

Beyond my iSight not working or my number pad, it seems to be pretty much a flawless setup. I’m loving being able to boot up into Mac OSX or Windows Vista so easily. Just fabulous! Now, if they could fix the audio driver so that I don’t get clicks and pops…

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