Jack In The Box

I remember driving through Houston with James Brown (not the singer) and noting the Jack In The Box sign. See, the “o” and “x” in “Box” are fused together to make the “Jesus fish” because Jack is a Christian… It is true. Well, Jack might not actually be Christian but the founder of JitB was a right winged, Bible thumping Christian.

Sad I know.

Never-the-less, I am at Jack In The Box right now, choking on an over-salted French fry. I walked here. It was beautiful out tonight and I figured… I need to get out. So I did! I left my hotel and walked however far it is (a thirty minute walk) to a 7-Eleven (to get cash outta the ATM) and then back tracked here to the JitB.

Landon guided me. I am glad I finally got in touch with him.

These “Bigger, Thicker Natural Cut Fries” really are. I took a picture of them because I am Justin and that is what Justin does. They are also just about the most delicious over-salted fries I have ever had.

I just took a picture of my burger… sick.

That picture either makes me want to eat more or become a hardcore vegetarian…

I have never eaten fast food so slowly. I feel like I am a professional fast food consumer not wrapped up in the waxed paper and brown bags so much that I can enjoy each individual piece of my American artery cloggers.

I just mixed Strawberry and Orange Fanta. Yummy!

Do you ever wish there was an undo button for your life? I would undo what I just did… I finished my Jumbo Jack. I also forgot that “medium” means disgustingly large. I think my soda (which looks just like Sunshine…) cup is the same size as those Gatorade coolers! In fact, this cup is so wide at the top that I was able to put in equal amounts of Strawberry and Orange because it fit under both… at once! For shame.

I took silly pictures of myself tonight. Inspired by Andrew’s confidence. I know I probably look like a douche, or the douche’s bag, but I am still going to post them on here, perhaps even over dial-up!

It feels so odd to spend time at a fast food “joint” (as my father would call it). I should have left here MINUTES ago! (I emphasized the word “minutes” because of… well if you don’t get it…)

Have you ever had a serving of fries before you and eaten each fry alone? Never pairing? Never grabbing whole families of fries and devouring them all together? I had not until now.

Have you ever filled up cup only partly the way up, just so you can see the bottom before you leave? I had not until now.

Ending my murdering spree of French fries, of the bigger thicker natural cut variety, leaving over half of the fries to live, if for only a few more days. I am sure after at least a month, the preservatives will fail and they will begin to decompose.

And with that, I am outta here.

Time for a long walk home. Hmm, maybe I should turn on my iPod shuffle! (bet you thought I forgot to plug it today, booyah!)

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