Jackson Acquitted

I cannot explain any logic behind my reaction to the Michael Jackson verdict. I found myself smiling, shaking with anticipation. Why would I care? It would in no way directly affect my life. I have purhcased a single Jackson CD, although I have every vinyl (bequeathed to me by my parents). I am not a huge fan of him but do appreciate his impact on pop music and his incredible fight to freedom from “poverty”, a shattered household and child abuse into fame, and subsequently his anticks outside of what most would consider normal.

Michael Mariant/Associated Press

He lives an fantastic, at times fanatic, life. With more money than the Pope and mind perhaps more complex than that of Sybil, Jackson never fails to entertain his greater public, whether they are cheering or sneering. Antics range from dangling a baby over the banister of a four star hotel to doing a moonwalk atop one of the cars in his motorcade the first day of trial. Oh, and who can forget the nose that was no where in sight on one day or hearings?

You cannot deny one fact; Tom Sneddon will be crying into a very large crystal snifter of brandy. He has of course spent the past te years of his life, extending his retirement, trying to successfully prosecute Jackson and once again, he has failed. His self-proclaimed duty in life, unaccomplished.

So where does this live Sneddon? I am willing to bet somewhere along the lines of Marcia Clark. After losing the OJ Simpson trial, she took a “vacation” from the District Attorney’s office. …she has never returned… However, she did get $4 million to write a book over the experience. Sneddon certainly already has a book deal ready.

Michael? New world tour? That is all the gossip. However, weighing in at well under one hundred pounds, Jackson is in no condition to perform. He is as frail as he ever has been. His wicker skeleton is hidden by multiple layers of pressed cloth, two or three shirts under a suit jacket, no skin is shown and the aviator sunglasses work to hide the yellow in his eyes. He has been through hell, and has not yet made it back.

Someone needs to put him into a hospital, fill him with nutrients and an execise routine to build up muscle, even fat. At this rate, I cannot see him living more than 15 years beyond today.

While you are there, why not get on some crazy pills? I can give you some suggestions MJ. I have been through them all!

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