James Autery Party Rocked Hard!

You just have to love grafitti. Even if you don’t know how to spell grafitti. I really thought this one had more potential. haha

I will now tell the story of what occured beyond this firesafe door of Apartment C.

So turns out that Jenny did not make me go it alone to the party. The party she had gone to apparently was just a bit too much. I think she said they had like 5 kegs and just an assload of people. I like smaller parties unless they have facilities for the big-ass parties. Otherwise it just is scary crazy.

It was really hot and steamy in the apartment. There is actually no effect setup on this picture, it was just that hot in there. We kept turning down the thermostat but it did no good as there were just soooo many people dancing and drinking.

I was happy to see John there and Libby. I think John is just fantastic, I am kinda sad that I am meeting him right before I move away.

Leslie and Kevin were there of course. Leslie and I had a fabulous conversation, well two of them, downstairs, outside, at the Uprise Bakery door/hallway. It was our special nook. I actually had some clever “nook” joke I used last night that got Dylan rip’n and a’roar’n with laughter, sadly I cannot remember it for you this fine Saturday afternoon.

So Jenny convinced me not to bring the camera to the party… kinda… haha. But then the stripper showed up and I totally wanted pictures. We ran, well I ran she walked (too drunk to run hehe) to my car and got the camera. By the time we got back, the police had come and gone (very fast police work!) and the stripper was putting his clothes back on. Gargh! I did get a back shot, hot! LoL!!!

Joel was, as usual, the life of the party. I cannot count how many times I found him making out with people or explaining his drug habbits or how many times he told me to tell him when to put his sunglasses on… they were almost always already on.

Luckily, I did capture a few of these moments on camera

Wow, that was fun right?

Dave and I went back to the car at one point to drop off his glasses, on the way back I jumped into a bar and took a picture of the old people, ewww, gross, old people!

Justyn came too, kept his vow to not drink for a month (for reason of mono… silly reason if you ask me hehe). Wearing the pink shirt, yeah,that one. Oh, I kid, I kid.

Obviously I did not really kid… oops! luv ya!

So look at all of the people. It was crazy how many people this apartment could fit in it, and then how many were in the hallway and then how many were outside. It was not a Brothel Sized party by all means, but considering the size of the apartment, it was one rocking party!

Jenny, Colin and Rosa, OH MY!

Whit and Marissa had me help them man the door. I turned the peep-hole around so that we could actually use it… 🙂

Dylan (what a hottie) joined us for a wee bit at the door.

Some other guy tried to be the stripper. Yeah, no thanks hehe. Better body than I but… yeah. 😉 Just look at the expression on Kim’s face.

Ok, tell me this is’nt hot.

Two of my favorite people in the entirety of the world. I just don’t think they should ever part… They are totally made for each other. I am a firm believer in the theory of a limited number of fag/hag combinations.

Brittany trying to hide. To be honest I was trying to hide her like some fabulous movie star trying to run away from a party without the press seeing her. hehe. She is in focus but the world around her is moving, cool right? And with a Nikon 3200 haha.

So the party was great. Dave was all about this guy named Mike. It was cute. He sat next to me though, I totally had him. haha, just kidding. He is all yours, or the straight girls that he is all about, sorry Dave. hehe.

Sorry about the picture quality, totally all Brittany’s fault hehe. She was trying to take a picture but did a video instead. My camera is silly with its dial, moves far too easily.

And this guy I met last night for the first time. I don’t remember his name but I have always had a crush on him. Just a “crush at first sight” sort of thing. He was so cool, wish I could look as hot or at least as awesomely unique.

After the diner we dropped Mike off and then I dropped off Dave and Brittany and then off to bed.

Jenny is making me a grilled cheese sandwich, yay! Gotta go now.

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  1. oh man. oh man oh man oh man. i think that’s all i have to say about that. except perhaps, dude, thats my jam!

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