Jason Mraz is Coming

Jason Mraz’s people emailed me today, like they do everyone officially in the fan club haha. Check out Mr. Hotness himself, god damnit! Jenny is watching the video right now as I type this, and Meghan is eating some noodles… but then she is going to El Mexican Food place haha, I don’t know how to spell it 🙂

Anyways, so Jason Mraz rocks my world and I totally want him, or Rufus. More on that later of course. He is just such a fun spirit and so real. He becomes more and more fun with each album. So creative, so pretty… so awe!

I remember the first time I met him/saw him. We had so much fun. I remember one quote from Melissa, “Oh, he is so gay”. I must admit, I hope she was right haha. I don’t think she is but we can always dream.

Anyways, enjoy the Mraz goodness…

Watch the “Making of a Record”. It is short and he is so hot and funny. I would give anything for this guy. He is incredible! He and Rufus need to hook up, splice their genes and make a super musician…

AHHH, can I wait till July 26th?

2 thoughts on “Jason Mraz is Coming

  1. Oh you know you want Jason! Jason/Justin, all the same only one is way more musically inclined and way hotter. You can choose. hehe 😉

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