Jazzy Night

So I had to leave Acacia early than expected. I could not quit the coughing, even after guzzling down a Sprite. So instead of going to Jesse Auditorium for a Greeks educational meeting, I went home.

Matt called me shortly after I got home and asked me what I was up to. I told him that I was coughing up a storm and probably would just try to fall asleep soon. Being the guy he is, Matt insisted on bringing me some hot tea from the Artisan.

After a cup of Earl Grey, I was back to life, cough free. He suggested we get dinner, having not had any dinner, I took him up on the offer. He drove me to this wonderful jazz music restaurant, it was a blast!

Some how this place had eluded my radar. It was a fabulous establishment with live jazz music, great people and wonderful food. We ordered the green pepper rings and calamari for our appetizer and munched on that while we chatted about life and decided what we were going to have for dinner.

The calamari was fantastic and the green pepper rings were as pleasing to the tongue as they were unique. I decided on the fettucini with mushrooms, tomato and chicken in a white wine cream sauce. Matt had a pork tenderloin. It was wonderful, though a bit too much food.

Pictures on the walls showed Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, John Coltrain, Lee Morgan, Dizzie and Johnny Griffin, to name a few. There were even some autographed photographs!

Tonight we were eased into our chairs of the corner table by the piano playings of Bill Evans’ Just You, Just Me, one of my favorite Bill Evans classics, and one of the few I know haha. Never the less, it was Bill Evans and I knew the song and artist right off the bat! I was really hoping to hear a few of my favorite Diana Krall peices but no such luck.

I told him about another restaurant in town, an Italian place, that had live music. We might try it out sometime when it is warm and on the weekend. I am a little hesitant to go there however, I had this wonderful date planned there for Geoff and I when we were dating but as it would be, he had other plans that night with Acacians. I am just not sure how ready I am to go there without Geoff. I feel it is one of our places, even though we never made it there…

We talked for a good while, discussed politics international, national, local and university wise. We got onto the financial situation of the university. He told me some stories of how Mizzou just threw money at politicians to buy them off and we speculated reasons why the university threw little to no money at the SMS name change.

You no doubt have noticed the artwork in this post. It is all Chris Bailey. I fell for Bailey when my mother got back from France on her third trip there. She picked up a peice entitled “I Love Paris” and put it in our living room. It was not until we had our new house in Houston with a parlor that she bought any more of his peices. Now I think she has about eight of them, some, most, still in boxes from the move. One of my favorites is the second to last one I posted here. It is called “What You Say Now”, I am thinking about checking posters.com to see if they have any Bailey. It sure would make me feel a little more at home here.

Anyways, so after he bought me dinner, I admit I was a bit surprised by this gesture as dinner was not cheap and rarely has anyone ever brought me out for food, we drove around town listening to music in his car. As with nearly every date with Matt, we passed Geoffrey driving. Odd how that always seems to happen, and at the same spot each night. I guess not too odd since his boyfriend lives in the dormitory a block from where we pass.

I had a wonderful night and I believe we are going out again Wednesday night, off to see Robert Kennedy speak and perhaps catch a movie or get dinner. Wednesday is a big day for me though so depending on how it works out I may or may not be in the mood to go out. We shall see!

Gotta go now. I am off to see Jim’s re-arrangement in his bedroom. Love to you all!

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