je suis justin, qui sont vous?

bloc party
i bought this cd yesterday. i had it in my shopping cart for what seemed like ages. I finally broke down and bought it. What’s sad is the reason I bought it… iTunes store had a special page up for them and, well they are all adorable. So once again I bought a cd based on the cover haha. Remember G4? scary.

grandfather’s start
this is going to be another post entirely, perspective.

ramen noodles in the desert
this is going to go along with the grandfather post

bob and sheri
holy cow what a fabulous radio show here in Sonoma Valley. I am so addicted to Bob and Sheri. I laughed so hard yesterday in the car, the lady in the convertable driving next to me heard me. Yikes!

bob and sheri have a pod cast and I love it. i found another one that is just kick ass. The Dawn and Drew Show. I just love them. They are so fantastic haha. I can’t quit laughing. It is so weird that people can get caught up in the lives of other people. It is like Seinfield, the show about nothing…

spider attack update
I might post pictures of my bites, not for the weak stomach haha

holy fuck it annoys me you bastard fags (yeah, i said it)
ready for a rant about asshole gays that I can only refer to as fucking faggots (as much as I hate the term)

and that’s not all

dishes galore
I washed dishes last night… wanna know how many? Thirty-two bowls, plates, sauces, bread plates, larges glasses, small glasses, gold leafed glasses, knives, forks, spoons, salad forks and mugs. Then 16 wine glasses, champagne flutes, Cocacola Classic glasses and beer mugs. It took like four hours. I boxed up half of the plates and flatware and put them in the storage unit, no need for all of that here haha. I don’t plan to have that large of a party.

I also went grocery shopping last night! I bought a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, four containers of the nastiest noodle things I have ever had (wish I had known just how bad there were before I bought them…) and a Frappiccino (as a well deserved treat).

4 thoughts on “je suis justin, qui sont vous?

  1. I have the Bloc Party CD….you should have asked, cause I got it before school let out..

    P.S. I like the new comment thing cause you don’t have to scroll through the entire post to find the comment box (sometimes those things are crazy long!)

  2. yeah, i thought so too. ya know, you should really put your xanga address into the comment field so your name become a link to your blog haha. exploit yourself! muhahahaha

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