Jo-Jo Sushi, K-Mart Buzzz, Pete and Repeat…

I am freshly back from doing dinner and coffee with Kayla and Jeana. We went to Jo-Jo Sushi, fabulous!!! I am totally addicted to Sushi these days, craziness. We did agree however, that the next meal together will be Thai, California Thai if I have any say in it!

Earlier today, in a desperate move to find a cheap desk chair, I went to K-Mart. Yes, K-Mart. What the hell was I thinking? I felt nervous leaving my car in the lot, all alone… images of a ransacked Honda Accord flashed before my eyes. Meanwhile, K-Mart was a total bust.

I guess this bee guarded my car for me, no damage was done to the vehicle, yay!

Lucky me, Wal-Mart came through for me, I have a new, pseudo-suede office chair, yes!

Went to Best Buy for a mouse pad… the line was horrendous, two checkers and like fourty people trying to check out.

Worst part of it all, the white trash that were checking out in front of me. They kept talking about me, right in front of my face, literally. How tactless can you get? It was very uncomfortable.

Anywhoserwhatsitsandsuch… I went to Starbucks in Barnes and Nobles to say howdy to my fellow Baristas and get a tall mocha, then went to Pete’s Coffee to compare their mocha to ours. Theirs is OK but, tastes kinda like dirt, very earthy espresso. Plus their cocoa is not in the least bit sweet, could use some caramel or vanilla to sweeten it up. Starbucks definitely better. I do want to try their other offerings though. After Jo-Jo’s Sushi, the three of us, J, K and J (me) went to Aroma Roasters. Kayla had never been there!

I got… another mocha. Superb. A little sweet but only because they put caramel inside of the mocha, not on top, syrup instead of sauce.

The sign on the wall, which Kayla pointed out to me, was a total win for the night.


All Numbers, along with the date and time dialed, from this payphone using coin, credit card and collect calls are recorded automatically and are subject to supoena by law enforcement officials

So that was great for a laugh haha. Loved it.

Another great thing tonight at Aroma’s… the music. Adrian West was the performer, a “one-man string quartet”. I bought his cd for two reasons, I thought Jenny would enjoy it and he played Micheal Jackson‘s Billie Jean! So Jenny, enjoy!!!

Time to house-sit, gotta run loves, catch ya later!

2 thoughts on “Jo-Jo Sushi, K-Mart Buzzz, Pete and Repeat…

  1. I must come to the defense of my Petes! Mochas are intended to taste like espresso, and sweeten it up? You’ve been spending far to much time drinking that sugar-milk Starbucks likes to pass off as real coffee!
    As far as the drug dealer sign goes, I can believe it, ‘notice’ is everything as I’ve learned over the last few weeks. Its ridiculous how these little criminals get away with stuff. Makes me want to be the prosecutor that tries to send shoplifters away for life!

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