So I just boarded the airplane and have about the most exciting news of the past weeks… even months!

I have an hour and a half layover in Arizona, I figured it out finally haha. Guess who is going to keep me company while I am there… JOSEPH!!! Like only my best person Houston ever produced. I am rocking in my socks right now. I am super dooper excited haha. I nearly pissed myself when I got his call.

Something that got me almost as excited was a Janet Jackson song I had not heard in forever. It is called Just a Try from the All for You album. It is probably one of the best beat songs from Janet Jackson. I am going to put it on here as soon as I get a good internet connection. Hopefully the hotel will have wireless internet.

The plane is about 60% full. I just “ordered” a glass of water. My stomach is aching like nothing else. If I eat breakfast, I find myself really hungry through the day. Luckily they give us these “Oakland Farms Snack Packs”. I have not yet discovered what is in the snack pack, it is about ten rows infront of me. Oh wait, from behind! Let’s see what we get here. You get Ritz Crackers, Jell-O Fruit Snacks and Golden Oreos. Of course the traditional Southwest Airlines Roasted Peanutes accompany the snack pack.

Ok, so back to relaxing with my iPod shuffle… Can I plug iPods anymore than I already do? iPod iPod iPod!!!

Much love. (haha, geoff wanted me to never say “much love” because that was “his thing”… What the fuck ever, I can say what I want!)


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