Juice Shack vs Jamba Juice

justineIt must be warned that Juice Shack is already in hot water for mispelling my name.  J-U-S-T-I-N is not that hard to get, is it?  I have had my name spelled:

  • Justen
  • Gustin
  • Justyn (I know a Justyn)
  • Justan


Now, they spelled my name Justine, as in the female version of Justin.  I used to be called “Justina” by Geoff, for whatever that’s worth.

The Juice Shack, “Workout Warrior”, is their formulated smoothie for the best workout.  I go to Juice Shack because there are no Smoothie Kings out here and because I want to support a local company.  Well, no more!

The Jamba Juice Protein Power Pizzazz has around twice the protein at a better taste and cost.  Plus it has more effective nutrient suppliments and healthier overall.

Goodbye Juice Shack, really would love to frequent you but… you have no website (what the…) and your smoothies suck when compared to other offerings.  At least you don’t put ice cream in your smoothie…  Still, if someone is working out, they probably want more than 11 or so grams of protein in their smoothie.  I could eat a Designer Whey protein bar and get THREE TIMES that much protien… and for around $1.70

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