Just a Few More Days

Currently: Diana Krall – Remembering Patsy Cline – Crazy

I would like to start this post with a picture of what I am about to leave…

So in like three days I will be back home in Tulsa. It is weird to think that Tulsa is home now, not Texas. Also weird that I refer to my old home as Texas, a state, and my new home as Tulsa, a city. Weird!!! Ha ha, not really that weird.

Oh well, the past few days and really past week or more has been really rough, emotionally. I have cried a few times and been mad a few times but mostly really extremely sad. Life is just sucky. Ending it now would end my life on a depressing point, I would rather end it on a high note.

No matter how hard I try, I will always fail. At least that is how it seems to be. I am going to actively work on not letting that happen anymore.

This guy, Paul, who is sitting behind me a few minutes ago said, “look even the fags are not here today, well one of the three are”, pointing about four rows infront of me and the section to the left.

My first shock was ‘he called them fags, what a bastard’. My second thought was… wait, there are three other gay guys in this class who sit next to each other everyday? How could I have not noticed that? I always thought I was pretty much alone in this class of bigots… but I am not so nervous anymore.

Bought some music…

tATu – 200 KM/H in the Wrong Direction
Patsy Cline – Remembering Patsy Cline
Patsy Cline – 12 Greatest Hits
Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville – Cry Like a Rainstorm – Howl Like the Wind
Eminem – Encore
Al Jarreau – Best of Al Jarreau
Aaron Neville – Nature Boy – The Standards Album
Rockapella – Smilin
2raumwohnung – Es Wird Morgen (Premium Version)
2raumwohnung – In Wirklich
O.A.R. – The Wanderer

Patsy Cline is one of my favorites. The Remembering Patsy Cline CD is really cool because it has all of these great artists (Diana Krall, Norah Jones…) doing remakes of her stuff.

O.A.R. = Of A Revolution. I have heard that they are similar to Dave Matthews Band and actually first heard about them during Summer Welcome a long while back. Glad to finally try them out.

Snow Patrol (which I bought a while back) is just super duper AWESOME! Go check them out.

tATu is just a guilty pleasure. Rockapella is like Boys II Men, Elliot from my frat has me interested in this style of music. 2raumwohnung is this really cool German band… not sure what they are singing but hell, I like it haha. Finally, Linda Ronstadt I should not have to explain, however Aaron Neville and Al Jarreau are singers my mother just LOVES and we used to listen to them all the time. I feel so comforted by listening to this music. I sometimes feel like Geoff thinks I don’t have as stong of a connection to my mother as he does to his mother. I do, I guess I just don’t talk as much about it.

Well, my hands are starting to hurt from typing. I have more to say such as I found fantastic resources for my Poli Sci paper and I lost and found my cellphone today. w00t!

Love you guys.

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