Just deleted

I just deleted 47gb’s of music, please lord make it not mess up, make me not have been a dumb fuck… please oh please let this work!


thank the lord, it worked. not how i wanted it exactly but this will do. i love it! haha, don’t y’all wish y’all knew what I was talking about? after my shower I promise to post something actually interesting. Well, promise to post, who really knows whether or not it will be interesting.

In other news, getting even closer to the real Italy, that and more after the break.


Sleep sounds better.

One thought on “Just deleted

  1. Hey…mr. i will post after my shower. lol then change to mr. sleep. I don’t blame you. lol Anyhoo well we went for a walk and then came back and just have the music going and yea. but can’t wait to hang out with ya tomorrow. should be fun. A good time will be had by all….until tomorrow!

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