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“Your little brother misses you” says Troy as I walk into the foyer in front of the room where we will later meet for Acacia.

I reply that I have talked to him and tried to engage but he is always doing something. Troy replies that he has hung out with him four times. Law-dee fucken daw. My life is perhaps slightly busier than yours is Troy, do you want a fucking medal?

Here we honor Troy Harken for his ability to engage himself in everyone’s business while not minding his own. That is what bothers me about a lot of people, about a lot of people in Acacia. They are always in other people’s business but they never do their own.

I should go ahead and post this and get downstairs for the meeting, but I will edit and add more.

Ok, adding more. If I were to really go into this, I would probably just piss myself off even more. I know that I could do more, but I am doing what I must. It is Academics and then Acacia. Academics are most important to me right now. I am, and must continue to do well in my classes. (Just note, Fred V., you too need to get a fucking life.)

MAHHHH!!!! I love Geoff, I feel very much like him right now, and that is a good thing. I feel how he must feel when he screams MAHHHH!!!! Kisses to you Geoff

I called Joseph before coming to the meeting. He is doing well, and he is still with Claire which is super fantastic. For those who are not in the know, Joseph is my best friend from high school who came out to me (bi-sexual) and I followed him up by coming out (gay). We became even close after that… Well he goes to school at Arizona State University in Tempe Arizona, where the next presidential debate will be held. He told me that things are getting pretty crazy out there, the debate is being held across the parking lot of his dormitory! I can only imagine the traffic this will cause.

Oh, by the way, the past two presidential debates and the only vice presidential debate are free for download via iTunes.

Presidential Debate 1
Vice Presidential Debate
Presidential Debate 2
Presidential Debate 3

There you go! Enjoy. As with most all the links to music on my blog, you are going to need iTunes to view the info.

I will conclude this in my next post.

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