Kaldi’s Iced Coffee is Yum

I’ve wanted to record my daily iced coffee creation for a while now.

I have a few of these every morning, probably too many really!  I typically used Kaldi’s coffee brewed and then chilled overnight.  Just a little ice, some fat-free creamer and I’m ready to go.  I used to never put creamer in my coffee, wonder why I do that now…  Never-the-less, I’ve settled on this recipe and it has never failed.  Oh but what a difference quality coffee, water purity, grinding and proportion matter.

I grind my coffee just seconds before I brew.  I use only fresh beans and as I said earlier, I prefer Kaldi’s coffee though I’ve recently heard good things about Dunn Brother’s Coffee (c/o @samuelaveryhunt).  I use filtered water, once through a triple-stage Pür filter followed by a two-stage Pür filter. We have really metal-rich water in downtown Columbia so this is a necessary step to take all the copper etc out.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll do a few more, trying out different angles and lighting techniques.  The video today was really just a test or proof-of-concept. I think this angle might be fun…

Though the real fun will come once I modify my Kodak Zi8 with different lenses.  Maybe someday I’ll own a proper HD video camera.  @ZackLuye‘s Canon 7D is such a sexy piece of equipment.  Too bad I’m a Nikon guy.  Next time Zack and I shoot an AdagioTeaV together, we’ll have to do some experimentation with his camera.

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8 thoughts on “Kaldi’s Iced Coffee is Yum

  1. I don’t even like coffee and this made me want one haha… I’m liking the new comment system and layout of your site.

  2. Love how the coffee filled glass sort of changed it prospective from the star of the show, crystal clear ice drizzling water down the sides of the glass.  Very fun to watch.  Can we watch it again?  YAY

    BTW have you ever brewed coffee with a CHEMEX?  Makes amazing coffee.

  3. yeah @Kaldis_Coffee is the bomb! thanks on all fronts. This JS-Kit Echo is killer.  I highly recommend you look into putting it on your site.

  4. I’ve heard of Chemex coffee makers but not sure I’ve actually used one. I’ve tried similar devices and really liked the result.  They’re cheap enough that I should probably get one.  Thanks for bringing them back top-of-mind for me!

    I can’t wait to see what it looks like once I modify the lens on the Kodak Zi8. Thanks for your compliments and thoughts!

  5. Although I did just notice that the page itself isn’t reflecting how many comments you have. It still reads “0 Comments”

    You should check out tweetboard. I have it running on my site and love it, you need to apply for an alpha invite.

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