Kansas City International

I’m sitting at the Kansas City International Airport using their “revolutionary high speed wireless internet”.  High speed?  Oh please!  I’m maxing out at around 32kbps.  That’s painfully slow.

Anyways, I’m at the airport, waiting to get boarded to the plane.  I have about forty minutes left to go and even though this internet is really slow, it sure as hell is better than nothing.  Unfortunately, they didn’t think about putting very many power outlets here, I’m at one of maybe four in our terminal of five gates.  This airport is really weird in it’s design.  No food inside your gate area, not even water!  So to get a drink of water you must leave the gate and go back through security.  It is crazy.

I won’t really talk about last night.  It was not so good.  Had fun hanging out with Jim, Kevin, Will and Chadd at SoCo but the night ended poorly…  really poorly.  It’s ok though, working through that hiccup and ready to move on.

Going to Washington is so exciting for me.  I haven’t seen Landon since his autumn graduation and I have not been to Washington in around ten years.  That is crazy.  We should, as Americans, make a trip to our capitol more often than that.  Show some interest in your country right?  Here’s my chance haha.

I have never flown on Midwest Airlines, I have heard only wonderful things about them, especially from Jenny.  She has gotten several free tickets from them, as I remember.  Lucky girl!

So, I fly to DC, find my way to Dupont Circle and wait for Landon to get out of his Snow Patrol Concert.  I’m sure I will be RIGHT back on here while I wait an hour, maybe two, for Landon.

Have a wonderful spring break!

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