Karaoke Goddess

So I will have to work on this post later, when I am not running and running. Quick synoposis.

Met a really awesome guy, for the second and third time. His name is Matthew, seems to be a super guy, quite cute to boot.

Hung out with Chris and Ian, whoop!

Lindsay and I had a blast getting burritos, yay for hanging out with fabulous girls.

Kayla and I are actually getting together these days, this girl rocks. Oh yeah, Jeana kicks major booty too!

Bumped into a girl from my singing class, Catherine Katy and went to Rita’s with her and her friends on her 23rd birthday and met some really awesome peopl ein the process. I have more than doubled my good friend base in the past two weeks and that makes me really happy.

I absolutely love work, Callie, Lacey, Jessica and Zeek make it worth while, as well as the awesome customers. I get so excited when I think about getting to work with these awesome people.

Life is awesome, life is amazing, I love my life these days. Overall, perhaps one of the happiest points in my life.

2 thoughts on “Karaoke Goddess

  1. Howdy Justy!

    I’m so very apologetic that I haven’t been in contact… and you little spy, too! lol… yes, I haven’t been here for a little while, but it’s not because I haven’t wanted to, but just that life gets busy sometimes… finishing thesis, then I went on holiday to the Sunshine Coast (in Queensland, Australia) to see the new house my Mother has… anyhow, I will tell you all about it, with pictures, too if you want… 🙂 … but I can’t find your usual email address, and the one that I could find just bounced. Anyhow… get back to me on the email address attached to this post. I’m off to read your life! It is starting good so far… (protected posts?! help!) … a guy named Matthew, eh…? Coincidence that I met a guy named Matt yesterday too?! Meh… probably not… :o)

    Hear from you soon! 🙂

    William John.

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