Where’s my Kayla?  Lindsay?  Jennifer?  Jeana?  Callie?  Jessica?  I need one of my Santa Rosa Girls and STAT!

Hey, Matt, maybe you’ll do wink wink haha.  Too bad you moved so far South, I gotta be honest, the conversations around Starbucks have really gotten surprisingly one sided.  We need you! haha

Oh, and about Pete’s, love their espresso drinks, just don’t like their mocha, which is made by Ghirardelli (I believe).

3 thoughts on “Kayla

  1. One sided convos? I’m always up for a good debate! Where are the convo’s falling on the spectrum these days? …by the way I never really figured if you were just like fiscially conservate democrat…or log cabin? lol…

  2. If I’m the Jennifer you were referring to, I’m here…
    I am closing with Mary Sunday (you’re my preclose thank goodness), and opening on monday. Who in the WORLD is so lame at scheduling?!?!

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