Keane Concert, Wow!

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So the Keane concert…

FIrst it was going to be Landon, Jim, Ryan and myself going to see Keane this weekend. Then Landon was already going with two of his friends so I thought, Jenny! Jenny says she would love to go and I am psyched. Ryan is a poopy pants and says he does not want to go and Jim starts to debate whether he will go or not. Paul says he is interested and is going to get a ticket to the show.

Lots of stuff goes down two nights ago and that debate gets even hotter… luckily Jim decides to go after all.

However, between this time and the, time, before… Jenny is no longer able to go but luckily Nissa said she would go in her place. Unfortunately that plan changes and Nissa no longer wants to go. Paul calls me and tells me that the show is sold out and he could not get a ticket… I tell him he can have Nissa’s all things going as planned. A few hours later Kevin is able to go and so I have to call Paul and tell him sorry but the ticket is back in his hands…

So Kevin, Jim and I head to the Keane concert. We get most awesome parking and Jim and I head to get cash from an ATM and stop at Church’s Fried Chicken for something to eat before the concert. We get like these things of mashed potatoes and fried ocra and head back to the concert line where Kevin is waiting for us. We eat our food while in line, it is realy funny.

So we get into the Pageant and the first band up was The Redwalls and they were, very very emo cute, awesome. I really enjoyed their energy and just surge of life on stage.

A lot of people say that they are similar to the Beatles in their sound and styling… I really think they are quite their own thing but yeah, there are some similarities which is really a good thing right?

This guy (above) looks just like a fella that I went out on a date with (twice) over Christmas break in Houston. He was really fun and interesting, he was into making films on these cameras that only could record 8 minutes of film per roll and was way more into music than anyone else I know! Alas, we just did not work out, he had a problem or two with drugs… so sad.

Next up were The Zutons and they were really good but not great until the lead singer busted out the harmonium which was just awesome.

Their style totally one-of-a-kind. I enjoyed the volumnous beats and the power chords of the lead guitar who, although looked oddly similar to Weird Al, proved to be one of the best guitar players I have ever heard live.

This girl was fabulous on the saxophone. She was not featured enough in my opinion. Her dancing was carefree and her style was anything but careful. She just threw it down and let it go. So much confidence is attractive.

Finally, onstage came Keane in all their Britishness… haha

The light show that they had was as impressive as their musical show. It was absolutely incredible what they did with the lights and equally how they played their music. They played a few new songs and all of the old ones of course. With only one CD out I was afraid it would be a short concert, on teh contrary, they played a full set and really rocked out.

I had no idea just how awesome they could be. I was expecting a really good concert but what I got was one of the best concerts of my life so far. Everything Keane did was perfect. Soaring highs and roaring lows, nothing was out of their reach vocally or otherwise.

The percussion was as electric as The Redwalls and the emotion put out through Keane’s music was heart pounding. Songs of bad breakups and ends of the world opened my eyes to my current situation with Geoff and how I can forage on and become “anew again”. It was an invigorating concert to say the least.

I bought a Keane t-shirt and left the concert feeling wonderful. Oh, as a bonus, to Kevin, Jim and I at least, the Pageant played a Rufus song that got everyone singing aloud. It was just fabulous!

We drove home, stopping at Sonic for a late night dinner and good talk time. Singing Rufus until we got into town around 2:00 a.m., I began dropping off my passengers and decided to make one phone call before heading home myself.

I went to Landon’s to talk about the concert and watch him clean his room, but instead I found myself with Rachel talking about lost loves and broken hearts and later talking to Landon about his own problems. I sure hope that he can become what he has been becoming.

I am going to take a nap, seeing as I have gotten 7 hours of sleep in the past two days. Much love to all!


One thought on “Keane Concert, Wow!

  1. So I am so sad that I could not go!!! I knew it would be a wonderful concert. But I have seen Redwalls before, they were one of the bands that played before Rooney this past summer. They were very fun! That is awesome about the Rufus song. ahh…I am sad….stupid interview! Oh well, there will be other concerts. Maybe Rufus can come to MU and we will have awesome seats and then get to meet him back stage and drool on him etc. That would be awesome. haha…well I didn’t do anything really fun last night, so that made coming here even suckier (haha I know that is not a word). But I really hope I get this job….if I don’t it will make it even worse that missed the concert. However, I am very glad you had a wonderful time. You could not have picked better people to go with….well besides ME!! Love you!

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