Las Vegas Stays in Las Vegas…

So we skipped out on Las Vegas. We decided it was a little too far out of our way and not being 21, it would not be the greatest time for us. We headed instead to Las Angeles where I am typing this post, while watching UPN13 News… it is like watching a Spielberg action film…

Good idea, bad idea.

Good Idea, David drove the first half today

Bad Idea, putting year round fireworks store with ExxonMobile gas (three of them on I-10)

We got to Tempe/Phoenix in time for lunch, headed to Mills Avenue. Pretty good lunch, can’t remember the name of the place but it was a Philly Cheesesteak joint.

Getting around Tempe/Phoenix was a pain in the ass. It was really confusing haha, our map was not so great and the directions we got from Urban Outfitters were complete shit. Oh well, not as bad at getting in a wreck…

Just outside of Tempe/Phoenix, we hit up an In-And-Out and then to Las Angeles… but what the hell is this thing?

Finally into California, got gas in Blythe. It was really fun haha because the manager of the Shell station was a cutie-butch lesbian. (so the news here is hot, haha, the women are complete hotties, what the hell!)

Wind power, so refreshing;

Our first snow-capped mountain!

Beautiful sunset. We had a blast driving today…

We drove around LA for about an hour, driving about 80-100mph and having a blast doing it. We kept bumping into this Audi from Las Cruces to deep inside LA. How crazy is that? I think he was a little pissed cause we were taking advantage of his radar detector haha. It was way too awesome driving fast through the hills.

Time for weather, on the news. It looks like a freaking fashion show haha. I can’t believe this, so unprofessional but so eye pleasing.

Time for some sleep, going to get an early start so we can do surfing in Malibu tomorrow morning and still get to Santa Rosa at a good time.

Catch you guys later. Update your blogs!!!


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