3 thoughts on “Last Night and Today

  1. I like the videos. They’re fun to watch. I was looking back at some of your older posts… and there was this guy you took a picture of… he was getting a haircut… totally blew me away. he was nice! anyhow, there’s not much else i can think of… have to finish my meal! (are the lights blinking, or is that just my eyes?) …

    catch you!


  2. OH MY GOD was that me you mentioned in your video blog?? I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! haha as you can see I get major excited when I get mentioned in things. Anyways for real I love watching these blogs and honestly wish I could do something like this I just doubt anyone would care enough to read them. Plus I would do a terrible job. You honestly do such a great job at everything you do on here Im very impressed Justin!!! Job Well done buddy 🙂

  3. I love you Justin Scott… I just cant get enough of your videos and pictures…… i miss you sweetie 🙂

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