Last Night = Hilarious

So the plan for last night was to head downtown and take some pics of whatever that appealed me. Then meet up with a friend for drinks and go from there.

I got downtown, took pics of the Catholic church and then headed to Jimmy Johns for a veggie sub. It was delicious. I drove around for like ten minutes trying to find a parking spot, and when I did, when I thought I had one just a block away… It turned out it was more like five blocks away.

Picked him up and we headed to Teller’s. Upon arrival, we departed. That place was packed! So, off to Tratoria Strata Nova. Great drinks, good conversation, great time was had. Dropped him off home and then drove home where… Upon exiting my car, making sure to pick up the memory card, my cellphone, my laptop, my jacket and my chapstick… I locked my keys in my car.

I made a quick call to Jenny who informed me of her whereabouts, Addison’s. Lucky, extroverted me saw a car idling outside of my building. I, with all of my might trying not to appear creepy, tapped on the window and asked for a ride downtown. She, Mikila, said sure! I was so psyched. Turns out, Mikila is a friend of my friend Gus!

She drops me off at Addison’s and I surprise Jenny with my appearance so quickly.  We head to Ben’s house and play some beer pong, then I get David’s key’s to the house out of Kevin’s place, ride back to the apartment and find my spare key.  The night, which originally ended around midnight, continued on for five more hours.  It was such a blast!

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