Last Night

First off last night, Steve and I went to the Pride Comedy deal at the LBC.

It was a lot of fun. I met the producer of Cat’s… what a hottie! haha

I am so sad the the original Trixie is no longer with the Kinsey Sicks. She looked just like Whitney Houston and pretty much sang like her! Maybe she started doing coke too… sad. Oh well!

After the comedy show, which was absolutely awesome (Lisa Koch is incredible, buy her cd!) Steve and I went to his friend Hilari’s house. Hard to explain where she lives but here are pictures, it was awesome.

I was originally the sober driver, but after everyone had been driven home, less those who stayed in one of the houses, I joined in the festivities. My first drink was supposed to be tanguray and lime… turned out that it was just water and lime haha. I switched to champange and enjoyed fabulous hors d’oeuvres. Brie, french bread, fresh fruit and vegetables, olive oil… beauty!

Had a great time there. Turns out Hilari’s roommate lived just down our old street in Greenhaven! She still lives there, and still works at Rocky Mountain (a fudge store) that Patrick and I would frequent all summer long in Sacramento. Crazy!!!

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