Late but for a Reason

So It is 11:14 in the morning and I am still in Columbia… But I am not running late haha. Turns out my dad won’t be home, no one will be home actually, until around 6:00 p.m. so there really is’nt any good reason to leave so early. I got extra sleep which I needed most of all.

Geoff said some things to me that were absolutely wonderful… as small as they may appear to you people, they mean oceans to me.

Geoff (12:43 AM): g’night
Geoff (12:43 AM): talk to you soon
Geoff (1:41 AM): have a safe trip. enjoy breakaway for me! see ya

I like that he said he would talk to me soon and that he put an exclamation point after telling me to enjoy a CD we both wanted. I guess it just shows that we are rebuilding our friendship as we rebuild ourselves. I love it. Geoff is such a fabluous person. I really cannot wait to become his best buddy and for him to be mine.

Putting love out to him today! Shout out to Geoff!

Hmmm, so I am thinking I should call up Kevin and say goodbye to him today since we did not get to see each other yesterday. I honestly don’t think that we will progress anywhere unless we can get over our ex-boyfriends. At least Geoff and I can be friendly to each other and we are really progressing, huge milestone last night. Kevin’s situation is so much more complicated even though the relationship was 1/8th as long as mine with Geoff.

Anyways, I want to get outta this place before it starts to snow and I want to have a fabulously music filled drive home! I am really looking forward to that.

I want to figure our if my mom and I will be goingto France this summer. Me taking French this upcoming semester would really increase the chances that we go but I really would rather put it off for a while. I love, absolutely, going on trips with my mother. They are so much more fun than trips with the entire family. My dad does not like to do risky things on trips but my mom does. She gets more and more experimental with each trip it seems haha.

Yesterday she was in Atlanta and decided to visit the Church of God Faith Incorporated convention church service. It sounded like quite the event haha. She even got on stage infront of 4.000 people (oh yeah, it was a primarily (90%) black church which had all of the wonderful singing and dancing that they are so famous for) and told them where she was from and why she was there and I think she said she had lunch with the head pastor.

She is so fun haha. So random sometimes.

United Church of Christ just put a commercial that they do not keep ANYONE out of their doors… I was always under the impression that they did not like gays… maybe they do though. The one I went to, not so cool with gay people. The Cayman Islands are Church of Christ and they are notoriously not gay friendly.

Ok, well I am going to hit the showers. Probably going to leave here around 12:00-2:00. No real rush anymore.

Love to you all.

p.s. getting so much closer to seeing Joseph too! Maybe he can be my kiss for New Years. I have never had a New Years kiss… We are only friends but we are wonderfully intimate friends. Translation: too complicated to explain haha.

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