Leaving San Fran

Wow, so we had a total blast in San Francisco. We hit up Castro and Mission, Union Square, all those fantastic places. David and I visited my cousin Patrick here. He is working on a new book. We had some wine, talked about old times and new. He is a really fun person to talk to. I never really was outgoing with him as a kid but now-a-days I see why he rocks so hard.

We met up with Joseph again and saw the new Star Wars movie. It was really good until the last thirty minutes. It was just either painful to watch because of the subject matter or because of the acting/effects. Overall it was a really good movie though.

San Fran is so pretty at night. Next time I go I am going to reserve some good time to take proper pictures.

The drive home was pretty boring. David slept most the entire way. Lucky for me I was able to play some opera (david forbade me from playing it the whole way up haha). My eyes were heavy and my mind kept wandering but we made it home thanks to Sarah Brighman and Co.

Anyways, time for sleep or something like that. This house if freak’n haunted, I swear haha. David and I are having a fun time with that too LoL.

Gotta go!


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