Life Aquatic

So went to see Life Aquatic tonight with about 13 people from my high school. It was really fun. Found out one of them is as big a Rufus fan as I. That was exciting. Though she was also my Houston Symphony buddy. She also thought that I was always high… not sure why she thought that, whatev.

Anyways, so Life Aquatic… FABULOUS movie. I loved it, especially the Hennessy sailors… yummy. Too bad what happens to them haha.

Seriously, one of the best movies of the year, even if it gets shitty reviews. If you like Rushmore, Royal Tanenbaums or Bottlerocket, you will like this, no, love this movie. Dare I say better than Royal?

I got a 1 week trial membership to 24 hour fitness… had to do some serious flirting but it paid off. Otherwise they charge $20 a day! That is total bullshit, if you ask me…

After the movie I went with my friends to Denny’s for a latenight dinner… That place is getting expensive. Grilled Cheese with Fries is just over $6.00! I could make an entire loaf of bread worth of grilled cheese for that kind of money.

I love Two Step from Missy Elliot. It is on the radio right now as I am typing this, in Starbuck’s parking lot.

After Denny’s I thought about calling Geoff back again but I felt like I would either be annoying him or waking him up… either way it would probably be best to wait till tomorrow. Perhaps he emailed me. No on that one haha. Not like I expected or should have expected it, though would be a nice surprise. >>>smiles<<< So, once I was finished with Denny's and ended the "do i call geoff" debat, I headed over to Starbucks to see Darryl. We were supposed to meet up after he got off of work. We went to his place and talked a little bit, watched some TV. It was a good time but I decided to leave around 1 because he has work at 5am. Tomorrow is his birthday so I want to take him out for dinner or something. We shall see. i keep getting kicked off of AI M and that makes me sad. I guess I should probably just be going to bed anyways. So going to leave the Starbucks parking lot and head for the hills. I love you.

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