Like Old Times

Last weekend Jenny (@chirojenny) and her friend Angela, came to visit.  They stayed at my place while they were in town, as many of my out-of-town friends do.

It was great seeing Jenny, it had been so long!  I wish we had more time to hang out but I was busy with work and she had to get back to St. Louis.  But our lunch together with Micheal (@mdanbom) and Josh (@brooding_soul) was great.

We went to Ingredient which is for sure my new favorite restaurant here in Columbia. So many wonderful items on the menu…. That’s off topic.

Hanging out with Jenny and Micheal reminds me of the good old days living at the Brothel.  I wish I could turn back time, live there again, what awesome times we had.  What I wish I’d know then what I know now!

Just wanted to post the picture of my beautiful friends from that beautiful, albeit short, weekend.

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2 thoughts on “Like Old Times

  1. Aw!!!! I really miss Columbia too! Red Bank (a neighboring town to me in Jersey) reminds me of Columbia every time I go! Keep having fun there for us all!

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